International DyneticsTM
Model 4500-C Vertical Trash Compactor

The International Dynetics Model 4500-C is a vertical compactor which uses much less floor space than its horizontal counterparts. A hopper on the rear of the machine accepts trash from the building trash chute and compacts into a heavy duty plastic bag.

This unit can also be hand fed from the front of the machine. Completely self-contained and aesthetically pleasing, it may be installed anywhere by simply plugging in its electrical power cord. Despite its compact size, the unit has sufficient power to produce compaction ratios as high as 10 to 1 to fill a 6.84 cu. ft. trash bag with 50-200 lbs. of compacted trash. Ram stroke and hydraulic pressure are both adjustable to control size and weight of compacted package.

The machine is fully automatic, with activation by a photoeye when trash enters the hopper. When the filled bag has been compacted to the desired pressure, the unit will shut down and turn on a signal light to indicate the full bag condition. The electrical system includes a 1 HP, 115/230 volt, single phase internally protected drip-proof motor, with 115 volt control circuit.


Chamber Capacity
6.8 cf
Compaction Force, Max, M
7,850 lbs
Ram Face Pressure, Max, M
20.4 psi
Volume Displacement
28.2 cy/hr
Cycle Time
32 seconds
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
48 x 35 x 78.5 in
Weight, Without Container
1,350 lbs
Container Type
Single Bag
Motor Power, AC, 60 Hz
115/208/230V, 1 Phase
Motor Horsepower
1 HP
Feed Type
Manual or Chute


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Model 4500-C
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