Our trash compactor, densifier, trash sorter and recycling equipment product lines serve many industrial and commercial markets worldwide. Thousands of our machines have been installed throughout the world and are specified by architects, engineers and planners for applications worldwide.

Trash Compactors
Our trash compactor product lines serve many industrial and commercial markets. Hi-rise apartment and office buildings are well suited for our equipment. Other common applications include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, factories, etc. By compacting the trash, thereby reducing the volume, our equipment translates to savings for owners by reducing the number of pick-ups necessary.

Our densifier product line was developed in conjunction with the major oil companies in response to the pressure being placed on producers of expanded polystyrene products to recycle. Since polystyrene is so lightweight, it is difficult to collect and transport this material to recycling facilities in order to minimize the amount of material being landfilled. Our densifiers solved this problem by reducing volume to the point where a trailer could hold up to 40,000 lbs. of densified material, thereby significantly reducing transportation costs and making recycling a viable option. Common applications include the auto industry, foam manufacturing and recycling facilities and other manufacturing operations.

Since our machines can also densify metal cans, luxury cruise ships, Navy vessels, can redemption centers, canning operations and other manufacturing operations have incorporated our equipment into their operation.