We are the industry leader in the Manufacturing of
    trash compaction & recycling equipment


    The industry standard in trash compactors. Long lasting quality, rugged compactors specified by architects and engineers worldwide.


    The industry standard in trash compactors. Long lasting quality, rugged compactors specified by architects and engineers worldwide.

  • can and foam densifiers

    Our Densifiers are designed for aluminum can recycling, foam recycling and de-watering applications.

trash compactors

Our AUTO-PAKTM and INTERNATIONAL DYNETICSTM trash compactor lines were originally developed in the late 1960's and have set the standard for quality, reliability and longevity in the industry. Our Container Packer Trash Compactors and our Bag Packers Trash Compactors are designed for use in Hi Rise Apartment Buildings, office buildings, apartments, condos, restaurants, hospitals, schools and various other institutions. We offer the broadest product line in the industry with a trash compactor to fit almost any size trash room. Standard designs can be modified to meet specific installation requirements.

Two different types and a wide variety of models are available to meet your specific needs. The two types are:

Horizontal Trash Compactors – Designed to pack into bags or compaction containers. These trash compactors are well suited for Hi Rise buildings.
Vertical Trash Compactors – With foot print sizes as small as 21" x 34", vertical trash compactors take up much less floor space than their horizontal counterparts and are ideal for applications where installation space is at a minimum.

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The TORONITATM product line of Can Densifiers, Foam Densifiers, Filter Densifiers and Dewatering Densifiers have set the standard in the densification industry. Our densifiers were designed to serve multiple industries including: recycling centers, can redemption facilities, US and foreign militaries, municipalities, cruise lines, offshore shipping industry, food processing facilities, canning operations, meat packing facilities, auto industry, foam manufactures, foam recyclers, and polystyrene manufacturers. There are two basic machine designs available:

Can Densifiers – Our Can Densifiers are designed to produce a single slug of densified material. Our densifiers will process aluminum, steel or tin cans and oil filters. Our densifiers are also used in de-watering applications for drink containers, juice boxes, tetra paks, drink pouches, plastic bottles, meat by products and a multitude of other products. Custom configurations are our specialty. Conveyors available.
EPS Foam Densifiers – Our EPS Foam Densifiers are designed to extrude a continuous ribbon of densified material. These densifiers will densify (EPS) expanded polystyrene and other materials up to 25 lbs. per cubic foot while reducing volume up to 50:1. Densification of 16 lbs. per cubic foot will fill a trailer with 40,000 lbs. of densified material and greatly reduces transportation costs.

Material prebreakers, hopper storage bags and air conveyors available for foam products.


NOW SEEKING DISTRIBUTORS FOR SPECIFIED AREAS. Please contact us for more information.

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