The Model XM-40M Bag Packer is a slightly smaller trash compactor than the standard Model XM-40, designed for applications where the standard trash compactor will not fit. It is a hydraulically operated concentric ram compactor utilizing the extrusion principle. Refuse is forced through the nose of the compactor which contains a unique set of restrictors. The compactor body and compaction chamber are rugged and durable. They are tubular in shape, forming one continuous body of high strength 3/8″ steel plate.

The ram is similarly constructed of 1/4″ plate with a compaction face of 3/4″ plate. The hopper is constructed of 11 gauge steel, with a 1/4″ impact plate. The Model XM-40M is suitable for all chute fed applications of residential type refuse. An extremely rugged machine, trash can be compacted into single or multiple bag systems. Using multi-bag operation, it can produce ten bags of compacted refuse without attention, an ideal solution to time periods when no maintenance personnal are available. The extruded tube of refuse is simply separated into individual bags for removal. A photoelectric sensor starts the compaction cycle when refuse enters the hopper and turns the machine off when hopper is empty.

The trash compactor automatically shuts off to prevent damage from an oversized or uncrushable object. A service access door is provided on the front of the hopper, equipped with an electrically interlocked safety switch which prevents the machine from operating if the access door is open.


  • Chamber Capacity: 2.7 cubic feet
  • Compaction Force, Max, M: 38,000 lbs
  • Ram Face Pressure, Max, M: 210 psi
  • Volume Displacement: 10 cy/hr
  • Cycle Time: 35 seconds
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 71 x 29 x 64 in
  • Weight: 1,400 lbs
  • Container Type: Single/Multiple Bag
  • Motor Power, AC, 60 Hz: 208 / 230 / 460V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire
  • Motor Horsepower: 5


• Hospitals
• Hi Rise Apartments
• Hi Rise Businesses
• Schools
• Factories

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